Choose Your Way

Where do you want to go?

Here, you will find an environment of unrelenting love.

We are an inclusive and resilient learning community and because we see the value and capacity in others, our staff engage with each person authentically and intentionally, in a community founded on our unrelenting values of faith, courage, love, hope, and compassion.

Compass provides a new choice for education.

Compass is an alternative education option for students who have not thrived in mainstream schools, offering new opportunities for learning, work and community participation. Compass adopts teaching and learning approaches different to mainstream school environments without the ‘packaging’ of school.

Students are in control of their own way forward.

Students can learn in a way that works for them. We support our students to explore their future directions and co-create curriculum so they can accomplish meaningful results that they’ve chosen for themselves.

Learn in a way that works for you.

Students learn through activities that are relevant to them and driven by their interests. Our learning environment is built on the belief that everybody can develop and grow with the right tools, resources and support.

There is no ‘one direction’.

With Compass as the focus, there is emphasis that there is no ‘one direction’, no one pathway. Compass helps each individual with where they want to go, on their own meaningful journey. It can reflect a change of direction, reflected in Jesus’ invitation to ‘turn around’.

A place for every individual.

Every one of us has infinite worth and our individual stories are unique. And at Compass Catholic Community, we see each person for who they are. Everyone belongs wholeheartedly and matters absolutely. We are student-centred and value each person for who they are and the journey they are on.

A learning community committed to student agency.

The purpose and vision of Compass are to increase student agency, so that individuals know that they can act, not just be acted upon, who know how to, and that they can, make an investment in achieving their goals. Students develop their sense of identity, self, belonging and connectedness.

We are all on a journey together.

We will write our stories together. The compass will become a central image of the journey within the Learning Community, as we create the chapters of our story.

Learning at Compass

At Compass, you are in control of your own way forward.