About Compass

Here, the focus is on YOU and where YOU want to go.

We are a true secondary school with registered teachers, offering SACE and VET, just in a very different way. 

There are no subjects, no bells, and no uniforms – but lots of projects and workshops that students will co-design around their interests, passions, or goals. 

Compass is an environment where the young person is at the centre of everything we do. The focus is on the individual, where they want to go, and providing them with the tools, resources and support to get there.


We value:






Our motto

I am the way, truth and life.

Inspired by our Catholic faith and in a spirit of courage and hope, we’ll be there alongside you as you realise your true worth, achieve your ambitions and create the life you aspire to live.

The scripture reference that shapes the Catholic identify of Compass is “I am the way the truth and the life (John 14:6). This scriptural passage and the individual words Way, Truth, Life shape the charism, communication, and formation within Compass for staff and young people.