G'day from the Compass team!


Kelly Bunyon 


Kelly is the inaugural Principal at Compass Catholic Community.

A law and arts graduate, her interest in education came after working for five years as a defence lawyer in at the Children’s and Youth Legal Services.

Kelly completed her Graduate Diploma of Education and began teaching at the Australian Technical College, now St Patrick’s Technical College at Edinburgh North, before working as Deputy Principal at Youth Inc. Enterprise Academy.

She is passionate about Community Development as the key to liberation for individuals and communities.  This journey began when she was involved in the community team setting up the Elizabeth South Community Centre in the local shops, and she volunteered as the inaugural Centre Coordinator for nearly 3 years

Kelly highly values growing agency, living authentically, and enjoying excellent tea.


Scott Hockenhull 

Partnerships Lead 

As Partnerships Lead, Scott plays a fundamental role in building and nurturing key partnerships for Compass, with a strong focus on creating opportunities and support networks for students to embrace throughout the course of their educational journey.

Scott brings extensive experience in partnership management and community engagement, having worked as Commercial and Sponsorship Manager at a state sporting organisation prior to joining Compass. 

Born and raised in Elizabeth, Scott is deeply connected to the Playford region and its neighbouring communities.

With qualifications in Business Management and diverse experience working with young people as a coach, volunteer and administrator at grassroots level, Scott knows the importance of building trust and harnessing relationships to achieve outcomes with real benefits to the community.

Roanne 2024

Roanne Berekmeri 

Curriculum Lead 

Roanne brings extensive education experience from a variety of sectors in regional and metropolitan locations, both within Australia and Internationally, including Catholic Education for 21 years.

Prior to starting at Compass, Roanne spent the previous 4 years working at the SACE Board, supporting schools, teachers and students in a wide variety of subject areas, while also capably leading a team of staff on major projects regarding VET and Recognition with the SACE.

Roanne’s passions & heart lies in working with students in the North. Prior to working at the SACE Board, Roanne was Assistant Principal at St Patrick's Technical College, Edinburgh.

At Compass Catholic Community, Roanne leads a team of staff, identifying the needs of each of our students, co-designing and implementing appropriate programs, so they have every opportunity to achieve goals and be successful.


Chris Gein 

Wellbeing Lead 

Chris believes that schools have a primary role in fostering positive wellbeing for all young people and that education outcomes start at positive wellbeing!

With more than a decade of experience working within the Catholic Education South Australia and DECD sectors, in both Social Work and Counselling roles, Chris is well versed to incorporating wellbeing needs within education settings.

A lifelong learner, Chris holds a Bachelor of Social Science as well as a Master of Social Work and is currently completing a Master of Autism.

Importantly, Chris understands that school can become incredibly difficult for those facing adversity and mental health challenges. He always has and will continue to advocate for those in need of additional supports, that can make their learning journey more accessible and ultimately more meaningful.

Chris is also well connected to the north, having spent time working at Mark Oliphant College and running youth programs throughout the City of Playford in his early career.

He's a family focused, people person, who brings high energy to everything he does!


Rosalie Fergus 

Finance Lead 

Rosalie brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in her role at Compass, having worked at a diverse range of educational institutions that engage with a broad array of students.
Her early professional career was spent working at the Commonwealth Bank, before she found her calling for working in an educational environment, spending time a St Patrick’s Technical College, Pulteney Grammar and St Joseph’s Ottoway.
Having spent time living in the Northern suburbs for many years, Rosalie understands the complexities and bias that young people growing up and living in this area are subjected to. She sees her role as not only being responsible for the financial viability and integrity of the School, but also to nurture and support the educational and spiritual journey of all who choose to learn at Compass.

Debbie Hayward.jpg

Debbie Gray 

Operations Lead 

Debbie brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience to Compass, having worked in a diverse range of roles in Education (including Catholic Education South Australia), Financial Banking and Gas and Water sectors. 

As Operations Lead, Debbie plays a fundamental role in providing support within the daily workings of Compass Catholic Community, contributing across the breadth and depth of the school community, which includes risk and compliance, policy, human resources, student enrolment, record keeping, and WHS.

Sarah 2024

Sarah Cornelius 

Learning Facilitator  

Sarah believes that the future needs curious and nurtured souls. As her knowledge and understanding of what it means to educate young people in an ever-changing world continues to grow, she is excited to help make this happen at Compass.

Graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2008, she has been working as a secondary teacher in the areas of English, Humanities and Religious Education while developing her leadership skills as a Humanities Coordinator, Leader of Learning and Well-being Coordinator. She has also had the opportunity to be involved in various pilots and worked with teachers and organisations throughout SA.  

With students at the centre of decision making, Sarah’s time as a Leader of Learning aimed to improve pedagogy and teacher well-being. Sarah improved assessment practices, streamlined planning and encouraged ongoing reflection by providing regular professional development as well as one on one support. As well as this, Sarah has focused on how the general capabilities and Project Based Learning can facilitate greater student agency. Her strengths are in creating fair assessment and planning for integration.  

Sarah has also facilitated students in educating the school community about social justice and has been involved in the coordination of various events that aim to spread awareness around issues such as asylum seekers and human trafficking. In 2015, Sarah worked as the Education Officer for Caritas Australia within South Australia.

RBU 2024

Roshanna Bull 

Learning Facilitator  

Roshanna is a zealous and creative educator, with a deep focus on building relationships with young people. She loves listening to their stories and journeying with them as they achieve their goals.

Graduating from the University of South Australia in 2002, Roshanna commenced what would be a twenty-year relationship with Horizon Christian School (Balaklava), where she began teaching primary and moving very quickly into the middle school.

Wedged within her time at Horizon, she lived and worked on a cattle station in the Northern Territory for a three-year period as a Governess, working hard to support other ‘Govies’ with no teaching experience. When her student left for boarding school, she gained a position at the closest small Aboriginal community school, teaching from preschool through to senior secondary students.

Upon returning from the NT, Roshanna reignited her relationship with Horizon. During her second stint there, she was the driver of many ‘new’ projects - the Kindergym, the Kitchen Garden, Textiles and ‘The Rite Journey’. 

She loves the challenge of bringing students’ dreams into reality and living out that challenge through her work at Compass. 

Kelly C 2024

Kelly Copeland  

Early Years Coordinator  

As Early Years Coordinator, Kelly will play a critical role in providing a safe and secure space for the children of Compass students, at the same time as providing an educationally rich Early Years program for the youngest members of our community.

Kelly has over 25 years’ experience in the early education sector with a Diploma in Community Service.  Her work journey has seen her in the roles of Assistant Director and Lead Educator working with children in all pre-school age groups at several childcare centres and as a Team Leader at St Joseph’s Education Centre, a program for teen mothers seeking to return to school and complete their SACE. At St Joseph’s Kelly was responsible for establishing a program for the care and development of children aged 3-weeks to 2 ½ years, while also providing support and advice to new mothers trying to balance the requirements of parenthood and study.

Kelly is passionate about early education and childhood development and a strong believer that providing a safe environment, where young children can develop trust and attachments with the key people in their lives is critical for their future success. During her career, Kelly has undertaken specific training to develop her understanding of attachment theory while also having the opportunity learn about the importance of sleep to the development of young children and teens while working with sleep specialist Dr Brian Symon.

Kelly's desire to improve the lives of young people is lived out every day in her work at Compass, as she helps our community navigate the common challenges new parents face. 

MBA 2024

Mba Uduma 

Learning Supporter 

Mba has a deep passion for and extensive experience working side by side with disengaged and vulnerable young people.

Before migrating to Australia in 2005, Mba spent five-years working as a police officer in Africa, where he also achieved great success as an elite 1500m runner, which eventually brought him to Australia in preparation to compete at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.  

Mba’s exposure to supporting young offenders in his early career sparked his interest in working with the cohort, something he’s been doing ever since.

As well as holding qualifications from the University of South Australia (Bachelor of Social Work), Mba has experience working as a placement consultant and employment specialist for youth at both Yourtown and Workskil. He also spent time on placement at the Metropolitan Youth Health Service in Elizabeth, has experience supporting youth from CALD backgrounds and has worked within FLO programs in the north of Adelaide.

As a father and community leader, he has a strong passion for giving back to the community and supporting young people. With a personal focus on growth, goal setting, life-long learning and wellbeing, 


Jakob Aebi  

Learning Facilitator  

Jakob is an early career educator with an affinity for twenty-first century learning. In the ten years since completing his SACE, he has acquired tertiary qualifications in communication design and secondary teaching, as well as experience working with young people across a broad range of mainstream and alternative education settings.

Jakob discovered his passion for teaching through many hours of part-time work as a swimming instructor during his university studies. Prior to Compass, he completed two years of service as an arts teacher in category 1 and 2 government schools, during which he acquired his full teacher registration through evidence of application in flexible learning options (FLO) programs. These collective experiences have equipped him with a range of pedagogical skills and a professional identity pertinent to success in disadvantaged contexts.

Jakob sees accomplished teaching as both sophisticated performance and dynamic interaction. In his practice, he likes to explore the social and creative affordances of learning environments to generate an inclusive culture in which students feel known and valued. This approach is realised through an emerging focus on the development of transferable skills and general capabilities as paramount assets that can alter a young person’s educational trajectory, and therefore expand their life chances of beyond school.

RS 2024

Rich Sanders  

Learning Facilitator  

Rich Sanders is a huge advocate for lifelong learning and education!

After completing a Masters in Teaching from the University of South Australia, Rich has spent the majority of his career in early years settings, where his passion for innovative teaching and learning practices focused on each individual learner, has led his pedagogy and practice.

Rich has also been privileged enough to spend time teaching young adult learners at Northern Adelaide Senior College.

During his time with the Department for Families and Education, Rich worked with other teachers leading learning and encouraging teachers to listen to each learner’s voice, promoting agency in their learning.

Outside of teaching Rich has been involved in running and establishing community gyms, gaming spaces and networks supporting young adults from all walks of life, also serving as a member of his local CFS Brigade, as well as a variety of Church Outreaches. He is a firm believer that everyone deserves a supportive and caring community around them to succeed either in learning or what ever goals they wish to achieve.

Rich also knows the north! After growing up in the Barossa Valley, he now calls Willaston home with his wife and three young children. In his spare time he is an avid gym-goer, enjoys photography and painting, and is a board game enthusiast. 





Christina 2024

Christina Gagliardi  

Learning Supporter  

Christina has always enjoyed connecting with people of all ages and hearing about their journeys in life.

As a young mum she volunteered at her children’s preschool and this is where her journey working with children began. Being a Montessori preschool, Christina soon realised the philosophy behind it was all about empowering children, no matter their age or ability, everyone is capable of learning.

Moving on from the preschool she then completed her Cert III in Education Support and spent the next 8 years working in primary schools in the north, specialising in behaviour support. Through her work as an Education Support Officer Christina was inspired to explore her passion for supporting the whole child, so in 2020 completed the Cert 4 in Youth Work and began her journey working with young people and their families.

In 2022 she spent time working at a high school in the city but immediately missed being out north. “Being at Compass feels like I’m home. I am so excited to be working with and supporting these amazing young people.”


Blair Breeding  

Learning Facilitator  

Blair has an extensive career helping young people identify their strengths and passions, build confidence in themselves, grow their skills and realise their potential.

He has always been a passionate advocate for social justice and strongly believes in the universal right for everyone to have access to an education which allows them to actualise their ambitions.

Blair strives to make his teaching fun, engaging and centered on the student as a whole person.

Blair has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Drama and a Bachelor of Secondary Education, both from Flinders University. While studying, Blair worked as a Peer Educator and Mentor with Relationship Violence-No Way! program helping young people build skills for positive relationships.

After teaching for a year in Adelaide, Blair travelled to London where he taught English, Drama and Media at Kingsford Community School. After 2 years Blair returned to Adelaide where he taught Drama and English for 2 years at Scotch College and then 10 years at Mercedes College teaching Drama and Media. While at Mercedes Blair built the Creative Arts - Film course which saw great success particularly in the area of Music Videos with his students winning South Australian and National prizes for their creations. Blair taught Drama, English and Creative Arts Media at Adelaide Botanic High School as well as running specialist Theatre Tech, Improvisational Drama, and Dungeons and Dragons Studios. He has directed over 24 Drama productions throughout his teaching career. 

Additionally, Blair has experience as Flinders University Radio Director, running his own Theatre Company, being a Comedy Judge for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and editing his daughter’s YouTube videos.

His interests include podcasts, writing, reading, acting, boardgames, Role Playing Games, computer games, movies, tv, music, art, Barbequing, collecting comic books and hanging out with his wife and two daughters. 

TRO 2024

Tania Rogers 

Early Years Supporter 

Tania has a deep passion for working in the Early Years space, particularly with families and children living with ASD, learning difficulties and speech challenges.

Tania’s personal learning journey saw her gain an Associate Diploma in Beauty Therapy before opening her own beauty salon to work around raising her own children. After her two young children presented with learning difficulties, Tania was inspired to study again, completing a Certificate III in Education Support to not only support her own little people but make a difference to the lives of other children.

For the past seven years she has worked in DECD kindergartens, most recently at the Ingle Farm Children’s Centre, where her main roles were supporting children with special rights and working side by side with families, carers and health professionals to achieve positive outcomes for children and their families.

Tania is also an active contributor to her own community, working with Autism SA on fundraising initiatives and supporting her daughter as an off-skate official at junior roller derby. Her personal interests include seeing live music, collecting vinyl records, hanging out with family watching movies and baking sweet treats!

Tania understands that we all learn differently and everyone has something unique to contribute, no matter how big or small, living by her own personal motto “never say never”.


James Bromell  

Learning Supporter 

James grew up in regional Victoria, where he was taken in by a Barkindji, Ngiyampaa, Wiradjuri family at the age of 12. He looks back fondly on this time and believes everyone deserves to be raised in a protected and loved family environment, just as he did!

James draws on his lived experience to connect with and support young people, which is strengthened by his formal qualifications, a Diploma of Community Services and Certificate IV in Youth Justice. 

James moved to Adelaide in 2016 and since this time, his professional career has firmly focused on supporting young people. Initially working in residential care for Aboriginal and Family Support Services, James then moved on to Uniting Communities where he worked within the “FamilybyFamily” program, and more recently applied his skills and experience at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre – Kurlana Tapa.

James has also been part of the Collab4Good initiative and in 2020 spoke at the National Indigenous Youth Empowerment Summit.

A father, former junior rugby league coach and all-round nice guy! .


Sonya Chapman 

Learning Facilitator  

Sonya is an experienced and enthusiastic educator who is deeply passionate about giving a voice to young people through the Arts, supporting neuro-diverse learners and working with First Nations young people.

After completing a Bachelor of Visual Art at the South Australian School of Art, Sonya moved on to complete a Bachelor of Education at the University of South Australia and has now been working in Education for 18 years.

Sonya has held diverse leadership roles at St Columba College (Andrews Farm) throughout her career, including Arts Coordinator, Year Level Coordinator and House Leader. During her time at St Columba her teaching roles focused on Visual Art, Visual Art Design and Religious Education.

When not helping young people to achieve their goals, Sonya enjoys a trip to the theatre, the ballet or catching some live music!

JDU 2024

Jaime Duncis  

Executive Administrator  

Jaime is an enthusiastic professional who takes great pride in her role within Compass, to provide young people with a sense of safety and belonging. She does this by getting to know students and families within our context and understanding the challenges they are facing. 

Jaime has always had a passion working with young people! She started her career working in childcare, studying a Diploma of Children’s Services in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Jaime decided in 2018 to further develop her knowledge and skillset and work with young people in the North at a secondary school. Here she developed her skill set by working in a variety of positions across the school, with a focus on administration. During this time Jaime developed strong relationships through understanding, honesty, trust, empathy and being unprejudiced. This allowed Jaime to develop professional relationships that further enhanced her abilities.

Jaime is a mum of 2 young adults and fur baby, she loves camping, fishing, and playing board games/cards with her family.

Dan 2024

Daniel Sanderson  

Learning Facilitator  

Daniel is an experienced and well-travelled educator!

Upon completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology (Zoology) and Teaching at the University of South Australia, Daniel’s early career saw him teach biology at Trinity College (Gawler) before stints at Norwood Morialta and Mercedes College respectively, teaching a variety of subjects including science, biology and psychology across the journey.

Most recently, Daniel has been working at Thebarton Senior College, where he spent time as a school counsellor and also taught mathematics, science and ESL.

Daniel also spent time teaching in the United Kingdom, working at an all-boys school in Brixton (South London), delivering relationship-based learning in a trauma informed environment.

Whilst in the UK, Daniel had the opportunity to explore his passion for sport, watching Premier League and Champions League matches, including his beloved Manchester United Football Club.

Daniel was also fortunate to spend time in Switzerland on his travels, the country where his mother was born. Whilst exploring culture and connecting with family, Daniel taught psychology at an international boarding school in the German part of Switzerland, which saw him begin learning the German language.

When not supporting young people with their learning, Daniel will be found listening to music, catching some stand-up comedy or getting busy outdoors with camping, hiking and cycling.


Cuong Banh  

Learning Supporter 

Cuong is super passionate about young people reaching their goals and achieving things beyond their imaginations!

After graduating from Tabor College with a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Work, Cuong applied his skills in youth work at Vietnamese Community, before moving on to Mission Australia as a FLO pastoral care/youth worker within the public school system.

When not helping young people to thrive, you’ll find him on the basketball court or exploring his newest hobby in cycling to keep active.

When winding down, Cuong likes to read books, comics and play old school arcade games.

Faith is an important part of Cuong’s life. He is an active member at Thrive Ministry Church.

Ray 2024

Ray Saman 

Learning Facilitator  

Ray is a dedicated educator, who brings a strong focus on building meaningful relationships with students, an unwavering commitment to education and a genuine passion for empowering students to reach their full potential.

Having 17 years of teaching experience, Ray has honed his skills in range of teaching areas including English, Physical Education and the Research Project to name a few. Throughout his career, Ray has demonstrated a remarkable ability to create supportive and engaging learning environments, fostering academic excellence and personal growth among his students.

Ray's educational journey includes a Bachelor of Arts (Communication) as well as a Bachelor of Education (Middle-Secondary) from the University of South Australia, equipping him with a strong academic foundation to inspire and motivate learners.

Beyond the classroom, Ray is known for his passion for health and fitness as well as a love for basketball, which he lives out through coaching a junior basketball team in the local community. He is deeply committed to professional development, continuously seeking opportunities to enhance his teaching methodologies and stay at the forefront of educational advancements.

Georgie 2024

Georgie Brown 

Learning Supporter 

With an unwavering commitment to empowering disengaged youth, especially in the north of Adelaide, Georgie firmly believes that education should be accessible to all, regardless of one's upbringing or life circumstances. Her own life journey has shaped this conviction, inspiring her to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Georgie's approach to building connections is as refreshing as it is effective. She leverages humour to establish strong rapport and meaningful relationships as the foundation for her work.

Her employment journey started in the world of transport, driven by a desire to earn money, but she soon realised her true calling lay elsewhere. After pursuing a Cert 4 in Youth Work and securing a job in the field, she then continued her education with a Diploma in Youth Justice.

Her previous experience in youth mental health, particularly at Headspace, has equipped her with invaluable insights into the lives of young people and allowed her to collaborate with diverse organisations and communities. She also served as an Education Support Officer at nearby Xavier College, providing essential support to students with learning and behavioural needs.

Georgie's origins are in the countryside north of Gawler, where she grew up on a small farm. She cherishes the freedom, space, and fresh air of the country and enjoys spending her spare time with friends and family, especially by the river. Her heart belongs to all thing’s country – from bull rides and rodeos to motorbikes, camping, and bonfires.

DT 2024

Danielle Toth  

Learning Supporter 

Growing up and still living in the Northern Suburbs, Dani is passionate about giving back to the same community that supported her twenty plus years ago.

With a parenting template enmeshed with domestic violence and unstable mental health, Dani sought safety and guidance from other adults in her life including her Nan, school counsellor and sports coaches. Having those positive influences in her life and as a young mother, Dani worked toward her life’s purpose to become the adult she and her siblings needed as children.

Dani is grateful to join the team at Compass, having collaborated with them since their inception. With a curious mind and quirky personality, a diagnosis of ADHD in her early forties was life changing for Dani, resulting in understanding and accepting herself more.

Dani uses the insights she has gained through her lived experience to encourage the neurodivergent community to embrace their sparkle!

Away from Compass Dani enjoys meditating, listening to podcasts and music, spending time with her teen and young adult children, walking in nature, gardening, coffee catch ups and dancing.


Evan Dalziell 

Learning Supporter 

Evan is a youth work specialist with over 13 years experience across the NGO and government sector.

He is passionate about a wellbeing focus in education to create environments where young people feel safe to learn, develop, fail and build resilience.

Evan has extensive experience in trauma informed practice models and is highly skilled in building and maintaining interpersonal relationships with young people focusing on their wellbeing and building of social capital across community and education.

Evan is interested in creative industries as a mechanism for student engagement and aspiration with extensive networks across the music, gaming and content creation sectors.

Evan is a hip hop artists and student of hip hop culture and has worked along side the gaming/esports industry for the past 10 years. He has a sneaker collection that some would describe as a “problem” and is a long suffering Manchester United fan.

front fence.jpg

Peter Georg 

Learning Facilitator  

Peter is a dedicated professional with a rich background in education, having graduated from Flinders University in 2004. He has accumulated valuable experience over the years, starting his career at Horizon Christian School Balaklava (2004-2021). During his tenure, he served as a Teacher of Math and Science, as well as the VET Pathways Coordinator.

Transitioning to St Columba College in 2022-2023, Peter continued to contribute to education as a Math Teacher and VET/Pathways Coordinator. Recently, he completed a Graduate Certificate in Career Development through CEAV, further enhancing his expertise in guiding individuals on their career journeys.

Peter's professional focus centres around a student-centred approach to education. He is particularly passionate about assisting individuals in getting started on their career paths, with a special emphasis on utilising VET pathways. His commitment to the success of students is evident in his career choices and ongoing educational pursuits.

Beyond his professional life, Peter engages in various interests. He enjoys social tennis, hiking in national parks, and is an avid supporter of the Adelaide Crows. In his personal life, Peter is a proud parent of four, currently residing in Gawler.