Meet Compass Catholic Community.

Every one of us has infinite worth and our stories are unique.

And at Compass Catholic Community, we see you – held in deep, unshakeable, divine love.

To us, you belong whole-heartedly and you matter absolutely. We value you for who you are and the journey you’re on.

Our learning environment is built on the belief that everybody can develop and grow with the right tools, resources and support.

We all have the capacity to achieve success and, at Compass, you can learn in a way that works for you.

Here you learn through activities that are relevant to you and driven by your interests.

We journey with you as you work to increase your agency, developing confidence in your own abilities so that you can acquire skills to apply both here at Compass and in the wider world. It’s about making choices and taking action to live a life that’s meaningful to you.

At Compass, you’re in control of your own way forward.

We help you explore future directions and co-create your curriculum so you can accomplish meaningful results that you’ve chosen for yourself, including achievement in SACE, VET and Key Capabilities.

Our staff engage with each person authentically and intentionally, in a community that treats everyone with unrelenting love, compassion and respect.

Inspired by our Catholic faith and in a spirit of courage and hope, we’ll be there alongside you as you realise your true worth, achieve your ambitions and create the life you aspire to live.