Principal's Welcome


At Compass Catholic Community, we are all about helping young people live lives that are meaningful to them!

Young people are amazing!  And we know that young people experience challenges.  Sometimes, these challenges can impact on the opportunity to thrive in mainstream schooling. 

Here at Compass, we provide a safe environment where young people can explore their interests, passions and goals, as well as complete their SACE and other qualifications, in a caring, supportive and flexible space. We do this by the way we engage in learning, by staffing our school with teachers, youth workers, and people to build community partnerships, as well as by having open work spaces with plenty of outdoor areas to work and collaborate in.  

In our Learning Community, students decide the next steps of their journey, and they choose their way of learning, engaging and discovering what their time here at Compass will contain. There is plenty of support, choice and suggestion from our skilled and experience staff, as they work be side by side with young people. 

When the beautiful people of the Northern suburbs of Adelaide band together, incredible things happen.  The students of Compass are writing their own stories of success, loyalty, authenticity, enormous resilience, and encouragement as they work towards lives that are meaningful to them. 

To be part of a young person’s journey is a privilege and it is my honour to be the Principal of Compass Catholic Community. 

I can’t wait to connect with you. 

Kelly Bunyon

Principal – Compass Catholic Community