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Week 1 Wrap-Up - A Week of Connection!


Greetings Compass Catholic community! Week 1 at Compass has been nothing short of spectacular as we welcomed back familiar faces and embraced a wave of new young people, all brimming with enthusiasm for the promising year ahead.

The week was dedicated to fostering connections among staff, students, and the broader community, creating an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. A plethora of engaging activities unfolded, setting the tone for a vibrant and collaborative year of growth.

Highlights of the Week:

1. Crystal Growing in The Lab: Students dived into the fascinating world of science as they explored crystal growth in The Lab. A hands-on experience that sparked curiosity and set the stage for a year of discovery.

2. Mario Kart Tournament: The competitive spirit was alive and well as students revved up their engines for an exhilarating Mario Kart tournament. Cheers, laughter, and friendly rivalry filled the air.

3. Lego Masters: Imagination took centre stage as students showcased their creativity in the Lego Masters activity. Building blocks became instruments of expression, fostering teamwork and unleashing boundless creativity.

4. Pizza Making: Culinary skills were put to the test as students crafted their own delicious pizzas. A perfect blend of fun and learning, this activity not only satisfied taste buds but also sparked interest for those looking to start their Certificate I in Hospitality this term.

5. Ultimate Frisbee: Outdoors and under the sun, students embraced the spirit of teamwork and athleticism in an Ultimate Frisbee showdown. A dynamic and energetic way to promote physical activity and unity.

All of this culminating in the Compass Carnivale!

The week reached its pinnacle with the Compass Carnivale, a grand celebration that brought together the entire Compass Catholic community. Vibrant colours, music, games and laughter filled the air as students and staff joined hands to mark the beginning of an exciting journey in 2024.

As we reflect on this amazing week of connection and celebration, we look forward to the adventures and achievements that lie ahead. The Compass community is stronger than ever, and together, we are poised for a year of growth, learning, and memorable experiences.

Here's to a fantastic 2024 at Compass Catholic Community!