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Playford Alive Local Heroes Shine Bright at Compass


Playford Alive Local Heroes Shine Bright at Compass Catholic Community

In the heart of Compass Catholic Community, five remarkable young people were recently recognised as Playford Alive Local Heroes, each leaving an indelible mark on our community with their exceptional qualities and contributions.

What are the Playford Alive Local Heroes Awards?

This is the second year Compass has been part of the awards. In 2022 we forged a strong connection with Renewal SA and the Playford Alive Project Office, which led to our participation in the awards. The Playford Alive Local Heroes Awards are sponsored by the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund – a partnership between Renewal SA, SA Housing Authority and City of Playford.

Five awards were established as part of the program, which are linked to Compass’ values, with nominations for four of the awards coming directly from our student cohort and one decided by Compass’ Curriculum Lead. The Compass Leadership Team review the many nominations and eventually decide the worthy winners.

The awards are:

Compass Bravery Award for the student who has been courageous
Compass Perseverance Award for the student who has done hard things
Compass Community Award for the student who has contributed to our school community
Compass Faith Award for the student who has lived out our Faith Community mission of loving and serving others

Congratulations to this year’s worthy winners…


Alyson – Perseverance Award

Alyson's enduring spirit and transformative power of perseverance earned her the Playford Alive Local Heroes Award for Bravery. In the face of adversity, Alyson's resilience stands out as she fearlessly confronts discomfort through self-reflection. Her commitment to restoring strained bonds through restorative conversations showcases extraordinary character. Alyson's unwavering determination and dedication to personal growth make her a beacon of inspiration for us all.


Justine – Bravery Award

Fearless actions within and beyond Compass's walls earned Justine the Bravery Award. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Justine entered an Aboriginal Art competition for her local netball team, winning with a design that now adorns proud staff members. Her bold leap into a VET course in early childhood education reflects her commitment to a meaningful life. Despite accolades, Justine remains humble, embodying a spirit of quiet strength. Her bravery, creativity, and resilience make her a true inspiration.


Phoenix – Community Award

Phoenix, recipient of the Community Award, has consistently demonstrated mindfulness and unwavering support for others, even amid his own challenges. As a leader, he encourages community engagement and inclusivity, fostering a spirit of togetherness. Phoenix's kindness goes beyond words—he actively checks in on peers and staff, ensuring their wellbeing. His infectious positivity, seen in his commitment to LDOS activities and completing Learning Directions with a smile, embodies the core values of compassion, love, and unwavering belief in others.


Erin – Faith Award

Erin, honoured with the Faith Award, exemplifies the core values of Compass through selfless dedication and unwavering commitment to loving and serving others. Actively engaging in community activities, from LDOS to the community garden, Erin's enthusiasm reflects her deep love for those around her. Beyond the school, Erin extends her caring nature through volunteering in the community. Her bravery in facing personal challenges, coupled with enduring perseverance, makes her not only a fantastic person but a truly inspiring young leader.


Zac – Academic Award

Operating under the radar, Zac received the Academic Award for his outstanding commitment to studies, earning an impressive 70 SACE credits this year. His exceptional attendance rate attests to his unwavering focus. Noteworthy is Zac's willingness to step outside his comfort zone, exploring new horizons such as cooking, attending LDOS', and seeking professional supports for personal growth. In his unassuming manner, Zac has become an inspiration to others at Compass, demonstrating that true achievement often speaks loudest in quiet perseverance.


As we celebrate these Playford Alive Local Heroes, we're reminded that the strength of our community lies in the many extraordinary individuals who embody our Compass values. These awards not only honour the recipients but also inspire everyone at Compass Catholic Community to strive for growth in the year ahead.