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Compass Celebration Day 2023


Last Thursday, December 14, marked our second annual Celebration Day at Compass Catholic Community, and what a spectacular day it turned out to be! This special occasion served as a joyous finale to another year filled with incredible stories of growth, friendship, love, hope, and compassion.

The Learning Hub at Compass buzzed with excitement as students eagerly welcomed their special guests—parents, caregivers, family members, partners, friends, and support workers—all here to share in the festivities. The vibrant atmosphere was set with an Acknowledgement of Country led by students Jacinta, Tizzy, and Rose, creating a heartfelt connection to the land we call home.

Graduates from the Compass Early Years Hub were celebrated first, setting the stage for a heartfelt message from our founding Principal and Head of Village, Kelly Bunyon. With over 150 guests hanging on her every word, Kelly delivered a message filled with warmth, appreciation and love for our community.

The highlight of the day came as each student received a 2023 Compass pin, a tangible symbol commemorating their achievements and personal growth throughout the year. Adding to the magic, every graduate was bestowed their own star, a celestial token named in their honour. They were also gifted a timber star, handcrafted by our talented volunteer David Yates, personalised with their name, which will be sure to find a special place in the hearts and homes of our graduates. A copy of Dr. Seuss' "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" accompanied each star, adorned with special messages from the dedicated Compass staff.

Learning Facilitators and Learning Supporters took the stage, inviting graduates to join them, sharing touching stories and presenting graduation certificates—a proud moment for both educators and students alike.

We can't help but shout out our extraordinary graduates who are venturing into exciting new chapters:

  • Aiden: Secured a horticulture traineeship in Local Government
  • Michael: Pursuing a future in competitive swimming and aquatics employment
  • Kyle: Focusing on family and pursuing personal goals
  • Noah: Secured a Butcher’s apprenticeship
  • Jordan: Exploring employment opportunities
  • Becca: Focused on their Art small business
  • James: Volunteering and exploring employment options
  • Seth: Secured employment in manufacturing
  • Zoe: Moving on to study at TAFE
  • Lukas: Pursuing employment opportunities

It was then time to close out the event with some individual awards.  At Compass, we love partnerships! In 2022 we forged a strong connection with Renewal SA and the Playford Alive Project Office, which led to our participation in the Playford Alive Local Heroes Awards. The Playford Alive Local Heroes Awards are sponsored by the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund – a partnership between Renewal SA, SA Housing Authority and City of Playford.

Five awards were established as part of the program, which were linked to our Compass values, with nominations for four of the awards coming directly from our student cohort and one decided by Compass’ Curriculum Lead. The Compass Leadership Team then reviewed the many nominations and decided the worthy winners. The awards that featured were:

Compass Bravery Award for the student who has been courageous
Compass Perseverance Award for the student who has done hard things
Compass Community Award for the student who has contributed to our school community
Compass Faith Award for the student who has lived out our Faith Community mission of loving and serving others

City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty was our special guest on hand to present the awards, with all winners gifted a $200 gift card and trophy to honour their achievements. Congratulations to our winners:

  • Justine – BRAVERY Award
  • Alyson – PERSEVERANCE Award
  • Phoenix – COMMUNITY Award
  • Erin – FAITH Award
  • Zac – ACADEMIC Award

To cap off the day, guests were treated to delicious food, refreshing drinks, and an opportunity to explore the Compass facilities. Our talented young people performed and showcased artwork, providing a glimpse into the creativity that defined 2023.

As we bid farewell to this remarkable year, we can't help but look forward to doing it all again in 2024. Here's to another year of growth, success, and community at Compass!