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Justine's Winning Design


Earlier this year, one of our amazing young people entered an Indigenous garment competition at her local netball club… and her design WON!

Justine’s masterpiece began as an acrylic painting on canvas, skilfully transformed into a unique shirt that truly captures the spirit of our community.

The Compass Logo, meticulously crafted by Justine, symbolises the essence of community and belonging. But that's not all – the hands featured in the design connect us with animals chosen by our very own students. Tizzy's choice, the Kangaroo, and Jackie's preference for the Wombat, are more than just symbols; they represent the bonds and friendships we cherish.

And let's not forget the Didgeridoo, a powerful emblem of music and storytelling, echoing the way we communicate and preserve our history.

Justine's design is a vibrant display of creativity, weaving together the threads of our shared experiences and cultural richness. The staff loved the design so much they all went out and purchased a shirt of their own!

Congratulations, Justine, on this well-deserved triumph! Your artistic vision has truly left an indelible mark on the Northern Bombers Netball Club!